RDLP was founded in 2019 after gaining experience in several offices in the UK and Switzerland.  The studio develops concepts, architecture and objects. On its own or in collaboration with others.

RDLP is a studio where teaching, research and practice are intrinsically intertwined and conceived as one.

RDLP’s works range from furniture design to the urban planning scale. The exploration of contemporary forms of inhabitation and current societal needs are key elements in developing housing proposals and reflections on domestic space.

RDLP conceives architecture solely as a collaborative and inclusive practice in which architecture emerges within the conversations of many different voices.

Collaborates with

Martina Baratta, Nele Bergmans, William Bishop, Marco Capelletti, Dima Visualization, Camilla Federici, Foro Architecture, Sandro Hernandez Rosales, Edward Farleigh, KRI, Guillen EsterasArchitects, Maurizio Mazzon, Chiara Montgomerie, Notari Images, Julian Raffetseder and Tommaso Sala.


Mac Mahon
20155, Milan, Italy

Foro, Modesto Lafuente 51
28003, Madrid, Spain


RDLP - Milan | Madrid   +39 375 6827905   info@roizdelaparra.com